Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have lived with chronic migraines and headaches my whole life. Until September of 2010 I had never known a time in my life without a headache. I have literally used every medication for migraine prevention and at one point in my life would only get some relief with Imitrex injections.

In May of 2007 after being diagnosed with both a Congenital Heart Defect then an Aortic Aneurysm I was forced to stop taking the strong migraine medications that were helping me to just get through the day. I started taking these types of medications at 16 years of age and now 27 years later I couldnt take then anymore. What was I going to do?

I had always seen a chiropractor on an as needed basis but never got much relief. Probably because I only went here or there until one day in passing Dr. Scott said “I bet if you came more often we could get you some serious help”. “If You Come”. After this comment I decided I would committ and give it a try and started coming in 2-3 times a week for care. Now I’m not going to tell you I’m migraine free but I can tell you I went from having a daily headache and possibly 4-5 migraines a week to 1-2 more mild migraines a week and more days without any headaches than I can ever remenber in the past. My longest period to date without any headache is now 17 days, that never would have happened before even with the medication.

My Children have also inherited this complex of migraines and headaches. As soon as I realized what was happening they also became involved with chiropractic care and have seen a tremendous improvement. We all now utilize family wellness chiropractic care with regular massage therapy and other nutritional supplements to stay healthy. We actually see Dr. Scott more than our Primary Care Provider because were stay healthy. We now understand the importance of a healthy spine and nervous system not only for headaches but for just living a healthy lifestyle. Less headaches, healthy kids makes for one happy mom. This is why I’m willing to drive 25-30 min to see Dr. Scott. That was all the proof I need."

- M. Martin

"Our 2 year old daughter was in the midst of a chronic ear infection with no end in sight.We had tried 4 different antibiotics over a 4 month period, with no success.The next step was to try another antibiotic or have tubes inserted into her ears.We thought those were the only options…lucky for us they were not.

A friend suggested we call Dr. Scott Manchester to see if chiropractic care could help.We were pessimistic to say the least based on prior experience but felt we were out of options. Dr. Scott was careful to remind us that a problem that last over 4 months didn’t come on overnight and will not be healed in 1 day. He told us it takes time and to be patient.Easier said than done when talking about your children.

After about 5 weeks of care we started to notice a difference.The ear infection, symptoms, and fluid had completely disappeared after 8 weeks.A problem that lasted for over 4 months with the help from multiple doctors in multiple fields was finally treated by Dr. Scott.Instead of focusing on the symptoms and being reactive, he was proactive and treated the cause.

It took a situation like this for us to understand the value of chiropractic care.That, along with how we have been treated and the knowledge we have gain from Dr. Scott has allowed us to personally see the positive impact that chiropractic care can have on our lives. Currently, my wife and I and our 2 daughters (ages 3 and 6 months) see Dr. Scott weekly for preventative care that continues to guide us towards a healthier life."

- Brett H.

"My experience w manchester chiropractic to say the least has been wonderful . I had problems w my back that stemmed to the neck and eventually loss of use to some arm muscles. They have worked w me to get the best results possible and now i feel great thanks to them. Also everyone employed there is very nice and courteous.Thank you for all your help manchester chiropractic."

- Mike L.

"I play sports and after my adjustments I feel like I can move better. I was recently sick and congested and felt my nose open up and I could breathe better once Dr. Scott adjusted me. I think everyone should see Dr. Scott because chiropractic is good for you and always makes me feel great!"

- Brody G.

"Manchester Chiropractic has changed my life for the better! When I became a patient, I was in fairly constant pain with migraines that had become the norm for me. Within a short time, I was on the path to health and enjoying far more pain free days than painful ones! I am grateful to this professional and friendly office for making such a difference."

- Jennifer L.

"As an athlete, I can honestly say that attending Manchester Family Chiropractic, any problem that I had has been solved. When I see Dr. Scott consistently, I’m more mobile and more flexible. Highly recommend it to everyone."

- Khari W.


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